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Add Butter And Bake

We ship the secret Scottish blend of the dry pre-mixed ingredients straight to your door. 

You add butter, blend it together, then bake it.

Then you enjoy amazing, home made, divinely authentic Scottish shortbread.

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OMG! Gillian, they are so delicious! I did a few with sugar and a few without...they just melted in your mouth.


Yuuuuummmmm! They are fabulous!


They were gone in seconds! Thanks for sharing your cookie love Gill!


Oh my goodness! They were so good! The kiddos gobbled them up. Thank you! I can’t wait to try again!


Better than Walkers!


The Secret Shortbread Recipe

Scottish Shortbread

In the soft rolling hills of Kincardineshire, Scotland, between Dundee and Aberdeen lies the village of Laurencekirk. It was here that our founder’s grandmother Nan B. grew up.

As the daughter of the village baker, Nan was exposed to the finest of Scottish baking and locked away some of her favorite recipes from her childhood. Her shortbread recipe was passed on to Gillian’s mother and then to Gillian.

Everyone Loved The Shortbread

Secret Scottish Shortbread

In 2010, when Gillian and her family moved from rural Aberdeenshire, Scotland to The Woodlands, TX there was much they had to leave behind. But one thing came with them...Nan’s secret shortbread recipe!

Gillian started baking and soon was being asked for the recipe. Reluctant to share the family secret, she instead baked shortbread for friends, school teachers and those in need of a good old fashioned Scottish pick-me-up!  

As demand for her shortbread has grown, Gillian realized she’d love to send them across the country but those delicate, melt in your mouth shortbread doesn't travel to well so she had to go back to the drawing board (or the baking tray!)

Sharing The Love Without Sharing The Secret

Gillian Booth Scottish Shortbread

How could Gillian share the love without sharing the secret?

It was in this question that Flour of Scotland was born.

Today, she ships the pre-mixed ingredients straight to your door.

The result - Gillian gets to keep her granny’s secret and honor her legacy while sharing the love of her shortbread with anyone who can mix and turn on an oven!

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