How To Bake Your Shortbread


I'm so excited to share the love of my secret recipe for delicious, melt in your mouth Scottish Shortbread!

In addition to the detailed instructions I included with your order, please watch this instructional video to help you bake your perfect Scottish Shortbread!

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I use my KitchenAid mixer (or similar)?

To produce an authentic Scottish Shortbread, we highly recommend using a food processor to achieve the desired breadcrumb consistency. Here's the one I use - BUY NOW:


Food Processor


You can also use a paddle attachment with your KitchenAid mixer (see below), but we recommend bringing the butter more to room temperature and possibly adding an additional tablespoon of butter or milk to help the mix bind together when forming the sausage shape.

We don't recommend using any type of hand mixer or wire whisk attachment with your stand mixer.


Beater Attachment



How soft should the butter be?

The recipe calls for softened butter, not melted butter. Softened should be removed from the fridge and soft enough to hold a thumb print but not so warm that it’s melting. The term “softened butter” in baking means it is still cold and this is required to hold the mix together.


What should the mix look like before I roll it into the log / sausage shape?

The term “short” in baking means dry and crumbly. Our mix is not a cookie dough and the only “wet” ingredient is butter. The mix comes together just enough to slice into rounds but won’t look or feel like a cookie dough.

Fine breadcrumbs is the desired consistency and it can take up to 2 minutes to accomplish (see below):

Scottish Shortbread Consistency


Can I cut the mix into shapes rather than rolling and slicing?

Yes - it’s your shortbread so go for it! Once you gather your mix together from the food processor, you can flatten onto a tray and cut into shapes / make impressions on the surface. Have fun with it and be sure to share your results with us!

What is the shelf life of the mix?

We recommend using the mix within 6 months of ordering.